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What the American Flag Stripes Represent

The Congress announced last June 14, 1777 that the American flag should constitute of seven red and six white stripes arranged in an alternate order. In addition to that, there are also fifty white stars on top of the large blue band but stars on the American flag also denote a different meaning.

But let’s go back to the thirteen red and white American flag stripes. It’s been said that those stripes represent the original thirteen colonies. It was stated before that one stripe represents one state but if there would be an additional state, a stripe should be added and that’s when the problem comes in. There would be irregularities in the size of the flag and it would not look good when the stripes are adjusted so instead of the stripe, the idea that a star is added came in instead of another stripe.

The thirteen colonies are Province of New Hampshire, Province of Massachusetts Bay, Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut Colony, Province of New York, Province of New Jersey, Province of Pennsylvania, Delaware Colony, Province of Maryland, Colony and Dominion of Virginia, Province of North Carolina, Province of South Carolina and Province of Georgia. These colonies were considered to be a part of British America and they are what the American flag stripes represent.

Stripes were also considered to be a symbol of liberty and they were carried out by the Patriots after America declared her independence. Those stripes also mean America’s rebellion against British for many years. The early American flags show only stripes of red and white or red, white and blue and they were given more significance than the other parts of the flag that even mentioned in the National Anthem – “The broad stripes and bright stars.”