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Telescopic Flag Pole

The Telescopic flag pole is super strong and designed to endure heavy winds and ice storms. This is due to its periphery wrapped fiberglass. Other materials of telescopic flag poles are aluminum that is lightweight. It will never rust and painting is not needed. Having parts that slide one within another like a telescope, it is made with stop markers for safety.  Here you can find a wide variety of Telescopic flag poles that will fit your needs.

When you buy a telescopic flag pole, it includes a rotational flag attachment, a protective cap, a ground stake or a mounting bracket and screws. These flag poles are good for seasonal or short-term use. It is also very handy and can be transferred and carried around easily.

The telescopic flag pole has a lot of advantages. It can be easily planted on the ground. It is also very easy to mount it on walls of a house or a commercial building indoors or outdoors. It also comes with car braces so it can be easily be displayed during car parades. It can be used on several outdoor events because it can be easily planted using a water-filled base.

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