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3×5 American Flag

The 3x5 American Flag is the standard household size of the American flag.  This is best used by nationalists who wish to display the flag outdoors and this is also wonderful to put it indoors. Another fact of its historical significance is that this is also used by mounted units such as Combat of Arms, mobile artillery and Battalion Mounted Engineers.

This is a good quality printed flag that is is also suitable to be displayed outside the house because it will surely catch the attention of any patriot who passes by. This is also very colorful and would last a long time outdoors.

An interesting fact about the flag is only the President and Governors of the state are allowed give orders regarding flying the flag on half-staff or half-mast. When we say half-staff or half-mast, it means flying the flag nearly halfway up a flagpole or ship's mast. This is done to show respect, mourning or distress.

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