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Cotton American Flag

The Cotton American flag is usually preferred for indoor use and is considered to be a pleasant display. It is positively made with the finest cotton that’s why it has vibrant colors and very smooth texture.  The stripes of cotton flags are usually sewn individually and the stars are embroidered.

For the proper care of the flag, it is not advisable to be flown on rainy weather because it might fade. However, if the flag has gotten wet, then it should be spread on the ground or a flat, clean surface and allow it to dry completely. Taking special attention and care to the cotton American flag should be done vigorously.

When a flag has touched the ground by accident or maybe it has gotten off a flagpole and landed on dirt or mud, it should not be thrown nor destroyed, it should be cleaned instead. It is better to hand wash the flag and use warm water and mild detergent so that the colors will not fade. Oftentimes, it is advisable to seek professional cleaning stores if the dirt cannot be removed easily.

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