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US flags for boats and vehicles

Rules for Displaying a Flag on a Boat:

There are certain rules that you have to follow in displaying an American flag on a boat. We have to respect the flag at all times that’s why we acknowledge the presence of a flag when we see it because proper decorum demonstrates your respect for the flag and the country it represents.

1. A registered boat of the USA can fly the US flag. The captain, crew and owner of the boat or ship doesn’t have to be an American.

2. The proper flag to fly from a US vessel is the national ensign of the United States. It is also known as "Old Glory" or the "Stars and Stripes." It’s the only US flag that is recognized in the international waters. The flag has 13 alternating red and white stripes with blue field and 50 stars in the upper left hand corner. Other rules can be found in the flag code.

If you are going to attach a flag on the hood of your car, follow these simple steps:

1. Consider buying a car flag with a suction cup attachment. There are custom made car flags available to suit your needs. Rates may vary. Make sure the spot where you want to place the suction cup is clean and dry so you won’t have a difficult time placing the cup there.

2. To check if the flag does not distract you, you can sit inside the driver seat and check. Try driving around the block to see if the flag will not come loose. If it does, you have o adjust quickly before you lose the flag while you’re on the road.

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