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Tips on cleaning a Nylon American flag

More and more Americans are showing their patriotism, which is a good thing. They are hanging Nylon American flags on poles, cars, trucks, office buildings and their very own homes. However, flags that are being hung outdoors become easily beaten by different elements in the world outside such as the heat of the sun and the rain. When it’s not taken cared of properly, the result is a soiled flag. So before this happens, know the ways of cleaning it properly and effectively. There are tips that you can follow to do this task right.

1. If your flag is already old and valuable, bring it to the dry cleaners so that they can do the cleaning for you. This is highly advisable for those flags that have other materials that you don’t want to damage such as tassels and ropes.

2. If you are going to wash your flag by hand, try to be extra careful. Here’s a good way on how to wash your flag:

  • Fill up a wash basin with cool water. You can also use the sink if you don’t have a basin - but you can use basically anything just as long as you can wash the flag there. Just make sure that it’s clean and safe to use because you don’t want to damage the cloth.
  • You can use laundry soap as long as it’s not too strong for it might affect the vibrant colors of the flag.
  • Cautiously scrub the fabric by hand and also focus on the part where there is dirt or stain. Prevent the fabric from puckering when you wash it by hand.
  • After this, you can lay it flat on a clean surface or hang it to let it dry.

3. A stain remover can be used if there are hard to remove dirt or stains on the flag. Just be mindful when you use one because you might apply too much and may affect the color and overall appearance of the flag. It’s also advisable to test of colorfastness first before using a stain remover.

4. Do not use a dryer after washing the flag because it might damage it. You can lay it down on a flat surface and leave it for a few hours to dry.

Choose a good quality Nylon American flag. Nylon is the best choice of fabric if you want it to last long and to stand even the harshest weather conditions.