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American Flag Parts and other Accessories

For more than 200 years, the American flag has been the symbol of American Independence. When talking about flags, do you know and understand the different parts of a flag?

If you are not familiar with the parts of the flag yet, take a look at the diagram below:

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Take a look at the Anatomy of a Flag

Hoist - this is used to describe the height of the flag when in flight. The edge of the flag that is attached to the flagpole or staff is also called the hoist of hoist end.

Fly - The width or length of an extended flag or the space from the end of the canton to the end of the flag.

Fly end -
This is what flaps at the end of the flag and this part sometimes frays.

Canton - This is the top inner corner of the flag.

Field -
The field can be found between the hoist and the fly ends. This is sometimes called the ground.


Flagpole - This is something that supports the flag and is also known as the staff, flagstaff or mast.

Truck - This is the cap at the peak of the flagpole and it has hole so pulleys can be attached to raise or lower a flag.

Staff Ornament or Finial - decorative ornaments can be placed at the flag. See diagram above.

Halyard - The rope or cable is called the Halyard and it is used to raise or lower the flag.
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