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Who Made the First American Flag?

The one thing that symbolizes the true meaning of an American is none other than the American flag. We can say that the origin of the American flag is a bit unclear because there are claims that the design has come from the fusion of other different flags which is considered have similarities with the flag itself. It has a high resemblance with British East India Company otherwise known as BEIC and was believed to be based upon the flag although this is also a theory and was never proven to be true.  And thus another birth of a conflict took place when it was concluded that it was from the Washington family coat of arms but the idea was also eventually dismissed after sometime.

Another story that they claimed as a historical myth is that the flag was design by Elizabeth Griscom Ross or better known as Betsy Ross right after the Civil War. She was said to be personally commissioned by George Washington. The story was not known if not for her son who claimed after thirty-four years that it was designed by her. The issue about Betsy Ross flag became highly controversial and it was something terribly debated by historians.

Another unofficial flag is the Grand Union Flag. The flag has a rattlesnake and a “Don’t Tread on me” motto was written on it. The Stars and Stripes by Francis Hopkinson is recorded to be approved by the Congress and is considered as the first official national flag. Other flag makers who claim to have a say in the birth of the American Flag are Rebecca Young, Anne King, Cornelia Bridges, and William Barrett.

The origin of the American flag would probably have different legends until now and it has evolved all throughout its existence for over 200 years. All the other versions of stories were not yet verified up to this time. Since the flag evolved for plenty of years and the latest was the addition of stars that represents the states, the latest flag rendition that was used the longest time was with the addition of Hawaii as a State.