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Flag Pole Brackets

There is a wide range of Flag Pole Brackets to choose from. All of which are made out of different materials such as brass, silver, aluminum and white powder coated aluminum. These brackets are also adjustable horizontally and vertically and very easy to install. It comes with thumb screws that prevent the flag from slipping out. It definitely completes a flagpole set.

There are also rotating flag pole brackets that keep the flags from being twisted and tangled. Instead, the flag pole will rotate on two sets of stainless steel ball bearings as it is being turned in the wind. Bigger flags need bigger bracket sets. These comes with instructions on how to install on any surface properly.

There are flag poles that can hold one flag but there are also the type that can hold up to five flags. Manufacturers make sure that these brackets are sturdy enough to hold a flag pole because if not, then the whole assembly would suffer. We don't want this to happen. That's why flag pole brackets are made to be very durable to stand the toughest weather.

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